Why ConsZap

Staying sick at home during a cousins wedding gave me an incentive to step out and get help. It was probably not the best idea then, but the learning I gained from that experience is what absolutely mattered.

Having a primary care physician (or a family doctor as we call it) in today’s world, is more of a task than a favor to us.The uncertainty of one's preferred doctor’s availability and spending unproductive wait hours in the clinic are some of the obvious inconveniences. Keeping in touch with your physicians would require getting past traffic, beating time and somehow spending more money than you had planned to. In this scenario, one expects convenience while simultaneously saving money. Having this in mind, we have formulated a concept that would favor both the consumers and the providers in the space of Primary healthcare.

Connect with Your primary care physician, uninterrupted by distance or time.

With ConsZap, you can cut to the chase and consult with your doctor without causing much trouble to yourself or your caregivers. All you require is your doctor on ConsZap, access to internet, and a comfortable space to get in touch with your healthcare expert.

Now gain elementary access to your true source of healthcare.

We believe that retaining a primary care physician can bring you the convenience of informed choices, continued care and reliable support. By choosing to ConsZap your health instead of googling it, you acquire personalized health advice from experts you trust in, anytime, anywhere. We strive towards enhancing the doctor-patient relationship, measurably diminishing the habit of self-medication and thereby swaying people from a reactive to proactive way of life.

Engineers with a few ideas and big dreams

This venture is promoted by two young tech entrepreneurs who aspire to change the way healthcare is addressed today. The team is supported and guided by medical tech professionals, IT experts and healthcare providers with long standing experience.
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Unmonetized patient calls? Not anymore.

The strategy to incorporating telehealth in your practice is to begin gradually by converting unmonetized patient calls into tele-consults.

ConsZap is an exciting new approach in the world of patient care. A cost-free sophistication that makes you virtually available to your patients as and when you choose to.

Engage with your patients at convenience

Making yourself more accessible to patients can help you extend your patient base and your practice. Conveniently attend to patient calls that involve
Follow ups in lifestyle diseases
Queries regarding general conditions or medications
This practice efficiently disciplines patient calls and helps you gain the most out of the service.

Nonetheless, time is money

Deepening trust with patients can pave way for referrals and higher revenue. Keep a close track of your patient fee that you receive on ConsZap. Receive your fee on a weekly basis along with details regarding the appointments.

Getting your Work-life balance right as a doctor, can be difficult

Adopting telehealth provides you with the option of switching to a work-from-home model whenever required. Opting to tele-consult with your patients for minor conditions and queries can be effective in retaining them.

The idea of incorporating tele-consults to your practice poses to be more advantageous than not. Creating a virtual presence for your practice will give you more control over managing your consultations, even during post clinic hours, while simultaneously retaining your privacy.

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